Electronics Design Engineer

Paris CDI

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About Enchanted Tools

Change the face of robotics with us.

We have already announced our success in developing a prototype in 12 months. During this time, we have also found an enchanted home for our operation, built a talented team, defined our identity.

We are Enchanted Tools, we are dreamers with a can-do attitude who are rewriting the rules.

We believe the best is yet to come, our new challenges are also exciting :

  • we will bring our prototype to the factory doors by increasing the maturity of our product and embedding eco-sustainability in our design and manufacturing process,
  • we will keep developing our partnerships with great, like-minded companies,
  • and, of course, we will continue to strengthen R&D for ever increasing innovation.

👉 If you want more information about us, it’s here

Job description

In collaboration with the multidisciplinary teams of experts, you will be involved in the following missions :

  • Participate in the drafting of the specifications,
  • Determine the hardware specifications,
  • Search for suitable components,
  • Justify the choice of the selected components,
  • Design: choice and sizing of components, input of schematics, simulations,
  • Establish and follow up manufacturing files.
  • Diagnose and solve technical problems,
  • Correct board bugs,
  • Establish design documentation,
  • Identify and evaluate new technologies.


With an industrial engineering background, you have a minimum of 3 years experience in motor control and more specifically in the design of low power BLDC motor drive boards.

Skills required:

  • Very good knowledge of H-bridges,
  • Knowledge of Mosfet,
  • Power / Motor control,
  • Motor type,
  • Knowledge in the implementation of different position sensor topologies,
  • Signal conditioning (filtering/shielding).

Our environment :

  • Technologies : BLDC / DC / STM32 / Gate Drivers / Position sensor (Hall, Absolute, Incremental) / Temperature sensor / Voltage sensor / Current sensor.
  • Communication buses: SPI / I2C / UART / EtherCAT.

Plus :

  • PCB design experience,
  • Experience in robotics.
  • Good knowledge of the Altium designer tool.

This may not be the best suiting position today if: 

You need a very structured framework & environment at the time. 

It is because we are not over-processed that we had been so creative, innovative and able to deliver a unique prototype within a year.

What happens once you’ve applied? 

We commit ourselves to answer you within two weeks: if it is negative, do not hesitate to contact us again after having consolidated a new professional experience. And if it's positive, the process starts:

Hiring Process ⚙️

1️⃣ Phone/Visio interview with a Recruiter

2️⃣ Interview with the Hiring Manager 

3️⃣ Case study (optional)

4️⃣ Final Interview with CEO / HR Director

5️⃣ Offer 🏆

Then join us!

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