Embedded Linux Engineer

Paris, France CDI

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About Enchanted Tools

Change the face of robotics with us.

We have already announced our success in developing a prototype in 12 months. During this time, we have also found an enchanted home for our operation, built a talented team, defined our identity.

We are Enchanted Tools, we are dreamers with a can-do attitude who are rewriting the rules.

We believe the best is yet to come, our new challenges are also exciting :

  • we will bring our prototype to the factory doors by increasing the maturity of our product and embedding eco-sustainability in our design and manufacturing process,
  • we will keep developing our partnerships with great, like-minded companies,
  • and, of course, we will continue to strengthen R&D for ever increasing innovation.

👉 If you want more information about us, it’s here

Job description

Our robots computers are based on Nvidia Jetson modules with mostly C++ and python application code. Your mission will be to develop, configure and maintain the linux OS images to support our custom hardware. You will also provide and maintain the associated tools to have a repeatable and easy to use environment to develop with and deploy on the boards.
Your day to day job will consist of the following tasks:

  • Customize and maintain the cross compilation toolchain and sdk: yocto with nvidia jetpack.
  • Customize the board support package and linux kernel for our boards.
  • Integrate and manage software third party libraries and packages.
  • Automate creation and flashing of OS images and application binaries on the robot.
  • Provide easy to use and repeatable dev environments for developers and the CI.
  • Participate in developing applicative code in C++


  • You already built some custom linux images for target devices like nvidia jetson, rpi or custom boards.
  • You are familiar with one or more cross compilation tools like buildroot or yocto or you have at least experience on nvidia jetson boards.
  • You have some embedded software experience writing some c/c++ applications on embedded devices/robots with real time constraints
  • You have some basic knowledge of kernel development (modules, customization etc)
  • You have some experience with cmake.
  • You like robotics and have already built or worked on robots, either professionally or as a hobby.

This may not be the best suiting position today if: 
You need a very structured framework & environment at the time. 
It is because we are not over-processed that we had been so creative, innovative and able to deliver a unique prototype within a year.

What happens once you’ve applied? 
We commit ourselves to answer you within two weeks: if it is negative, do not hesitate to contact us again after having consolidated a new professional experience. And if it's positive, the process starts:

Hiring Process ⚙️
1️⃣ Phone/Visio interview with a Recruiter
2️⃣ Interview with the Hiring Manager 
3️⃣ Case study (optional)
4️⃣ Final Interview with CEO / HR Director
5️⃣ Offer 🏆

Then join us!

Details about the job
Paris, France
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