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About Enchanted Tools

A well-funded company recruits well-brained experts for a well-designed robot

Enchanted Tools is the new company founded by Jérôme Monceaux, leading expert in robotics and serial entrepreneur. Building on his extensive experience as former Executive VP of Aldebaran/Softbank Robotics and lead designer of Nao and Pepper, he proposes a completely new approach for interactive service robotics : the Miroka concept.

Miroka will be the first robot to combine robust interaction, grasping and navigation capabilities to move objects around automatically, opening up an entirely new design space for objects : the behavioral design space.

Endowing objects with autonomous behaviors will profoundly alter the way we design and use our stuff and our living spaces. It will give rise to entirely new organizational models and markets, on a scale on par with revolutions such as emails or smartphones.

To make Jérôme's ambitious, long-term vision a reality, Enchanted Tools has already closed a seed funding round of 15M€ to hire a team of 90 first-class robotics and business experts from all over the world.

As member of Enchanted Tools, you will thrive in a multicultural team, supported by the greatest international experts, with a complete multidisciplinary approach:

  • Mechatronics, impedance control, robotics arm, haptics
  • Electronics
  • Character design, UI/UX
  • Software architecture (system, embedded, cloud, ...)
  • Machine learning, image processing sensors fusion, ...

Job description

You participate in the design and prototyping of the platform, to be delivered in 12 months 😱, acting in your field of expertise

You use your experience, expertise and ingenuity to find innovative solutions in your field, taking into account the constraints and realities of colleagues in other fields

You keep the end goal in mind to propose innovative solutions that can be produced on a large scale

You circumvent problems and propose alternative solutions B, C, D ... until you find the smartest one

You share and carry the vision of the company while remaining results oriented, mission oriented, and keeping a collective spirit even when it becomes difficult


You have a passion for robotics, and a great general knowledge of the subject

Ideally this project has been taken to production, so you have a real return on your efforts

Specialized in autonomous Navigation :

You have had the opportunity to deal with at least one of the following topics in a robotics design project:

  • drones, mobile robots
  • SLAM
  • computer vision
  • path finder 
  • inverse kinematics
  • obstacle avoidance
  • sensor fusion
  • real time processing

Any robotics project that involved movement in busy environments


Specialized in grasping, manipulation :

You have had the opportunity to deal with at least one of the following topics in a robotics design project:

  • exoskeletons, articulated drones,
  • moving, articulated parts,
  • gripping
  • haptics
  • impedance control
  • brushless motors
  • servo control
  • geared motor design
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