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About  Enchanted Tools

Change the face of robotics with us.

Enchanted Tools / Changing the face of robotics

At Enchanted Tools, we are bringing a new generation of robots to life.
Combining world-class engineering expertise and the power of imagination, we plan to make everyone’s life better with robotic characters. Our robots can glide, grasp and interact with their environment, tackling concrete issues and needs.

Founded in 2021, we are now 100 enchanters, working in different fields (Robotics, AI, Product design, Project Management, Production, Quality, Supply chain, Finance, Marketing, HR, Sales, ...) and we keep growing, thanks to our strong relationships with a variety of investors and partners.

We revealed our two prototypes to the world and are now ready for the next steps of our adventure: industrialize our production, starting with a pilot line at the heart of Paris, then building a plant ; and selling our robots at a global scale. We built a whole ecosystem and rely on well-established partnerships to achieve our ambitious projects. We are looking for passionate, creative and curious experts to join us. 

Why you should join us:

  • You will have a unique opportunity to work on next-gen robots, cracking technological lockers of interaction, grasping, and navigation;

  • You will be an early player of a super ambitious and fast-growing adventure, that proved its ability to turn dreams into reality;

  • Our team are all experts in their field, coming from diverse and international backgrounds

Job description

At Enchanted Tools, we're pioneers in the robotics sector, dedicated to enhancing lives with our innovative character-robots. As we enter a phase of accelerated growth and embark on increasingly ambitious R&D projects, we seek an experienced Research & Development Project Manager Consultant.
This role is pivotal in managing and coordinating our diverse, collaborative R&D projects, ensuring they meet their milestones, and objectives.

Role Overview:

As a Project Manager Consultant, you will be instrumental in the strategic planning, execution, and delivery of complex R&D projects. These projects are collaborative efforts between Enchanted Tools, academic institutions, innovative startups, and are supported by external funding stakeholders. Your expertise will ensure these multifaceted projects remain aligned with our ambitious goals, while fostering synergy among all involved parties.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Project Planning: Create detailed project plans, including timelines and resource allocations, to guide the R&D projects from inception to completion.

  • Stakeholder Coordination: Act as the main point of contact for all project stakeholders, ensuring seamless communication and alignment between internal teams, partner institutions, startups, and funders.

  • Compliance Management: Monitor all projects to ensure they comply with the

    detailed requirements outlined in each project's specification document, as

    well as adhering to external funding guidelines.

  • Risk Management: Proactively identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated

    with project execution, ensuring timely and on-target project outcomes.

  • Documentation and Reporting: Maintain comprehensive project

    documentation and provide regular, insightful reports on project status,

    challenges, and achievements to stakeholders.


Skills and Qualifications:

  • Project Management: Strong track record of successful project delivery,

    demonstrating proficiency in planning, executing, and adapting complex


  • Robotics or engineering background: Preferably an engineering background to

    quickly grasp robotic technical challenges.

  • Leadership: Proven experience leading diverse teams in a collaborative

    environment, especially within R&D projects involving multiple stakeholders.

  • Communication: Good communication skills in English and French, capable of

    engaging effectively with a range of stakeholders from technical teams to

    funding bodies.

  • Problem-Solving: Innovative and efficient problem-solving skills, capable of

    navigating the unique challenges of R&D projects.

  • Adaptability: Ability to adapt to new developments, changing scopes, and

    evolving project objectives with agility.

  • Technical and Regulatory Knowledge: Good grasp of the technical aspects

    related to the projects, along with a thorough understanding of the regulatory

    landscape affecting R&D projects and funding mechanisms.

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Paris, France
Project Management
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Research & Development Project Manager - Freelance
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