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About  Enchanted Tools

Come change the face of robotics with us

Created in 2021, Enchanted Tools is a team of 50+ mechatronics and AI experts united to create a groundbreaking new species of service robots, the Mirokaï. Performing critical social logistics tasks in public environments, the Mirokaï address worker shortage in healthcare (hospitals, nursing homes...) and other essential sectors (hospitality, industry...). Enchanted Tools is led by Jérôme Monceaux, former EVP at a leading robotics company.

In November 2022, we presented our prototype, developed in 12 months only.
We have also defined our identity and started working with talented and passionate people. Our company is growing quickly and we have a lot of exciting projects coming up. Now is a great time so join us !

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Job description

We are looking for an Artificial Intelligence Expert to lead our Interaction team. 
Interaction team is composed of various profils of engineers (from mechatronics to semantic AI) they are all working on designing a cute and interactive solution.

At Enchanted Tools, Team Leaders are:

-Able to drive the company’s course, and change it if necessary
-Reducing project delivery times,  by iterating, by finding simplex, by helping Industrialisation, Development and research work together
-Increasing the productivity of the company by boosting team cohesion and maintain motivation, setting the pace of projects and Develop the skills of its employees
-Satisfy internal customers (CEO and all stakeholders in the project), by meeting their expectations 
-Work cross-functionally with all other teams
-Participate in strengthening the company's organization, working methods
-Bringing culture and values to life on a daily basis
-Technical: Technical support to teams, technical foresight, technical position statement

More specifically, as the Team Lead of our Interaction Team, you will:

  • Lead a multidisciplinary team (R&D, data-scientists, engineers, ...), be an architect of team members’ development, assessing the organization’s key talents

  • Staffing projects, set-up adhoc teams, making sure all expertises are used

  • Be a leader in all Natural Language Processing (NLP) projects

  • Be a leader in all Vision and Language projects (vocal recognition, language generation, speech to text, text to speech,...)

  • Be a leader in all behavior adaptation projects (robots adapt to humans)

  • Being up-to-date with all AI market trends


  • At least 5 years of experience in Data&Analytics, NLP, vision and language, behavior adaptation,...

  • At least 2 years in Team Leader role, experience in people management

  • Experience in project management

  • Working with stakeholders on different seniority and maturity level

  • Very good communication skills

  • Strong, proven knowledge and experience in the following fields: Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Embedded AI, …

  • Strong interest about character design, animated movies and pop culture

  • High ambition, motivation, and passion to achieve things that no one achieved before

  • Very good command of English

Then join us!

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Paris, France
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